The Luciferian Doctrine

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100% Universal Laws (operating here cracked, how to take advantage),
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100% cracks stock market,
describes Illuminati thread (our situation, causality etc.),
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NOTE. I'm the person who was tasked to set the server and register the domain, but from what I've concluded myself: the Author of this book wants to remain Anonymous and as he added, "I don't need any critics, thanks or any of the opinions/ as I don't care because I feel the reception of the book and based on this data – I'm able to adjust it and adapt/ for the very best". The message is clear: save your time, use it more wisely. Thanks for the understanding.

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NEWS. 2013-12-24. SERVER with the file has been compromised. All files from the available mirrors should have the same #MD5 hashtag and weight (in bytes). Compare it with its original releases i.e. on torrent sites/ scribd and other resources.
NOTE. In the mirror pages: user has to have – many version of the same file (as an additional security measure)/ also: variables of substances, text should be the same in many last versions of the file (as an even additional security measure).

2014-02-17. More of the hacker attacks... ***FINAL VERSION*** v1.01 of the file was released: get the book for free// print it locally/ sell & earn for yourself – all profit yours, no thanks ever required.

If you've read previous versions of the book: read it all, including the website – one more time, as many (missing) side-comments were added which are important.
Share the work, with others... Your success depends only on you, now (wisdom of the Anonymous).

2015-02-25. Added last page update about the process/ #2 & some minor changes.

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I've wanted to keep it to the last moment.

All religions were in fact introduced by the ET in order to control the human slave population. All for the purpose of maintaining the status quo and ability to realize their goals (genetic harvest, & all the others mentioned in book). Indefinitely.

It might be hard for you to be freed of the dogmas imposed due to early conditioning, but you would accept it eventually. Luciferian doctrine, such stigmatised by the first: is just a name that signifies human evolution – power and belief in yourself and proactivity towards your problems and solutions/ your highest development, & realization of your ideals through knowledge and actions.

It's understandable that some are scared of Luciferians, but it's only true when you pose a threat to their (moral) plans/ in other means: when you ambush their development. They can't be easily controlled: are proactive – they act, adapt and learn everyday in order to further human progress.

The downfall of what keeps the most dumbed down: is the religion and the last is the highest obstacle that blocks human progression as a specie. You have to first adapt your new life paradigm, in order: to get the most of it/ book is merely an introductory – an obligatory one for the most.

You already know it.

My last wish is to put this package [2015 updated version!] with description in the *.nfo file. Do it by yourself if you've got only VIP or TRUSTED/ or find someone who has && upload it ThePirateBay (TBP) and other related sites. Thank you. /// The Luciferian Doctrine book, pdf (updated v1.01b final version).
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+ Why you've titled your book: The Luciferian Doctrine

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[2016-03-17]. NEW *BOOK [for the -Period]:
The Luciferian Doctrine/ I survived through The Apocalypse!